T-SQL Tuesday #129 – Let’s Build a Time Capsule

Invitation and wrap-up from Tamara Clark.

So here we are finishing up summer. Last fall when Steve asked me to host I had this great idea…now with all of the current affairs my idea seems less than ideal. So here comes my new good idea, thanks Arlene for the help.

I want to build a time capsule, maybe we all escape to a new planet, maybe the earth just withers and dies, or maybe this is just an exercise in being positive. Tell me what few items or bits of information you’d like me to put into the #SQLCommunity time capsule. What do you want others to know about the #SQLCommunity and #SQLFamily? What do you want the finders of this time capsule to know about our current goings-on? What would you like the finder to know about you, how would you like to be remembered? Even if it’s a piece of rockin’ code that you think should live on forever, include it.

And don’t worry, you can put anything you want in our time capsule: personal, technical, not #SQLFamily related. It’s my month and I say you can do whatever you want!

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