T-SQL Tuesday #167 – Encryption and Data Protection

Invitation and roundup from Matthew McGiffen.

For those of you who don’t know, T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog party where pople are invited to blog on a chosen subject related to SQL Server. You’re invited to join in whether you’re an experienced blogger, or have never blogged before. It’s a nice way to get started writing with a ready audience who’ll view your post.

Any of you who know me will know I have a keen interest in SQL Server Encryption and Data Protection so that’s the topic for this month’s blog party.

Any contributions relating to that topic are most welcome, and treat it as you see fit. Maybe you have a technical detail or discovery you want to share. Maybe you have a useful “how to”. Equally welcome are stories about encryption gone wrong – or incidents where data wasn’t protected sufficiently, and bad things happened. Or stories with a happy ending. It’s a deliberately wide topic, and I’d love a wide variety of contributions.

T-SQL Tuesday #069 – Encryption

Invitation and roundup from Ken Wilson.

This month I am honored to be your host, and the topic is encryption. There are so many options to encrypt data in SQL Server, and yet, it is often a feature that is left unused. If you are struggling for ideas to write about, consider a few questions to get started. How are you encrypting your data? Why did you choose that option over another? What were some of the performance impacts or issues you encountered along the way?

Not using encryption? That’s okay; you can still participate. Write about the obstacles that are preventing you from implementing encryption in your environment, or to steal a quote from Adam’s first T-SQL Tuesday post, “any post that is related to both SQL Server and the theme is fair game. So feel free to post about SSIS, SSRS, Java integration, or whatever other technologies you’re working with in conjunction with SQL Server.”