Current Invitation

The current invitation (July 2019) is for T-SQL Tuesday #116 (roundup). Deadline for posts extended until July 12.

The next invitation should be released on August 6.

Invitation from Tracy Boggiano.

Ever since Microsoft said SQL would run on Linux, I was excited.  Finally, all the Linux administrators I had worked with could be quiet and the Oracle DBAs that said they were multiplatform.  I organized the PASS Linux Marathon back in December 2017 and started the website WeSpeakLinux in efforts to help people learn more Linux skills (including myself) as Linux is different than running Windows.   While I know it takes a while to adopt new technologies; I was wondering what it would take for people to adopt SQL on Linux.  Alternating I’m offering up for you to blog about what everyone should know when working with SQL on Linux or anything else related to SQL running on Linux.