T-SQL Tuesday #004: IO

Hosted by Mike Walsh

Invitation and roundup.

IO, IO, It’s Off To Disk We Go!

IO is on my mind lately. It could be some recent “discussions” with a SAN administrator, clients with disk performance issues or helping developers with some queries that are doing lots and lots of needless reads. It could be that I just changed my son’s diaper and it was heavy on the Output side (time to start potty training, I think…)

Actually, as a DBA, IO is often on my mind. So that is what this month’s theme is: IO.

Like last month’s theme, you could treat this topic in a few different ways. Perhaps some best practices that you have implemented for disk allocation. A professional development topic on working better with your storage administrators? A case study with a vendor or type of storage system? A developer writing about better managing reads in your queries? You could brag about your latest experiment with SSDs? Maybe a walk down memory lane of storage performance even. How about writing a beginners guide to setting up optimal storage? Have some really busy SQL Servers running on a virtual? How is your IO configured?

Well, you get the idea, the post has to have something to do with IO but it doesn’t have to be about T-SQL necessarily.