T-SQL Tuesday #140: What have you been up to with containers?

Invitation and wrap-up from Anthony Nocentino.

In recent years containers have come into the data platform world, exposing new technologies to data professionals. Microsoft put SQL Server in Linux, and shortly after that, SQL Server made its way into containers. SQL Server in Containers has become the foundation for things like Big Data Clusters and Azure Arc-enabled Data Services

My invitation to you for this month’s #tsql2sday is…

I want to invite you to share your experiences using containers and not just SQL Server in containers…

  • What are the cool things you’ve done with containers in your environment, test lab, or even presentation demos?
  • Are you using containers in production? If so, what are the tips or tricks you can share to help others?

If you haven’t tried containers yet…here’s a video showing you how to do the following…

  • Deploy a SQL Server in just a few minutes!
  • Connect to your container-based SQL Server.
  • Upgrade a container-based SQL Server to a new version.

So, if you haven’t used containers before, go ahead and try out the demos from this video, which you can get here, and write about your experience!

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