2016 T-SQL Tuesdays

December 2016 #85 – Backup and Recovery Rollup Backups are one of the most common things DBAs discuss, and they are at once one of the simplest and most complicated parts of our whole job. So let’s hear it for backup and recovery!
November 2016 #84 – Growing New Speakers  Roundup  For T-SQL Tuesday, I am giving differing topics if you are currently a Speaker or have never have spoken.If you are a presenter, help new speakers. If you have never spoken, start thinking about your first presentation.
October 2016 #83 – We’re Still Dealing with the Same Old Problems  Roundup I offer two fill-in-the-blank topics:

  • In the years I have been a database professional, we’re still dealing with
  • In the years I have been using SQL Server, we’re still dealing with
September 2016 #82 – To the Cloud… And Beyond! When Adam asked me if I wanted to host another T-SQL Tuesday, I immediately knew a topic I wanted to talk about: The cloud, and (if you want to) specifically about Azure SQL database.
August 2016 #81 – Sharpen Something ()  Roundup  This month I am asking you to not only write a post but to do a little homework – first. In other words, plan to do something, carry out that plan, and then write about the experience.
July 2016 #80 – My Birthday  Roundup  Treat yourself to a birthday gift and come up with a present for yourself SQL related – no limitations.
June 2016 #79 – It’s 2016  Roundup  SQL Server 2016 went RTM this week and so naturally, we’re going to write about it.
May 2016 #78 – Learn Something New I’m challenging you to learn something new and blog about it!
April 2016 #77 – Favorite SQL Server Feature  Roundup The topic is: What is My Favorite SQL Server Feature.This can be anything from Reporting Services as a report creating tool, down to the Columnstore Indexes. Anything goes!
I selected this topic precisely to illustrate the breadth and depth of what SQL Server has evolved into over the last decade+.
March 2016 #76 – Text Searching/Processing Wrap-up  If you’re using SQL Server Full-Text Search, I’d love to hear from you. But I’d also love to hear from anyone using any other kind of text searching or processing methods.
February 2016 #75 – Power BI roundup – 11 responses Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to create and publish your very own Power BI report!
January 2016 #74 – Be the Change roundup – 11 responses How do you track changing data? How do you do your ETL? How do you clean or scrub your data? Anything related to changing data.

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