T-SQL Tuesday #085 – Backup and Recovery

Invitation and roundup from Ken Fisher.

Come on down! You’re the next contestant on T-SQL Tuesday! I’m your host Kenneth Fisher and this month I’d thought we might talk about security.

No. Wait. Sorry, that was last time. This time I want to hear about backup and recovery.

Backups are one of the most common things DBAs discuss, and they are at once one of the simplest and most complicated parts of our whole job. So let’s hear it for backup and recovery!

Need some suggestions for your post? How about:

  • Backups to Azure storage
  • Backing up an Azure SQL DB
  • Filegroup backups and/or piecemeal restores
  • Page restores
  • How do you back up an SSAS cube?
  • The importance of log backups
  • Backup internals
  • Recovery strategies
  • Any other backup related subjects you can think of (BI, SSRS, Sharepoint, certificates & keys, etc)

And you know what? I’d love it if someone (or a few someones) would do a post on simple, basic backups and/or recovery.

At beginning of the year Tim Ford (b/t) created the Entry Level Content Challenge. Basically saying that entry level information is just as important as advanced content, and I agree 100%. Personally I think this would be a great subject for some #EntryLevel content. It’s certainly important stuff.